You crashed into me,
Intertwined your limbs
Around my heart line.
Pushed your fingers
Into pressure points along
My flesh and in between-
My bones. You rooted your toes
Into the dank, soiled, crevices of my soul
Washing your ankles in the-
Waves that make up all my fears,
As they cleared away the
Dirt and grime that coated-
You. Your legs twisted between,
A criss crossed patch of skin fused
Flesh mingled;
An acrid stench of pain.
Loathing, burned marks across
Skin where your lips pursed and
Bit into mine.
Your teeth making indents,
Scarring and leaving
Marks of possession.
Cleverly crafted into
Fabricated love.
And when you ripped away
You tore me open,
Pulled my life from my body-
Dragged my bloody pulp through streets-
Paraded a corpse
In front of crowds.

Michelle Goff is a senior English/Secondary Education Major who has an affection for waxing poetic lines and witty banter.  Her love lies within the pages of Harry Potter books with the enigmatic Professor Severus Snape.