I delight in hiding
Behind your doors. Her shadow,
In my own skin,

No one can pull me out and make me
Who I was born to be. If only because I wasn't born to be anyone. Just a collection of my parents' fragmented
Dreams and fears,
Tied together in a lazy-eyed
Shaggy haired bow.

I like to think that you will be the one
To look and see that I want
To be like you;
Yet it's hard to remain optimistic
When you delight in the delights of others. I was born to give, not to take. I do not know how to speak,
I only listen.

I was never born to do more than that.

Kate Hummel is a senior English major at CABRINI UNIVERSITY. She has been writing, both scholastically and creatively, for over eighteen years and enjoys reading Faulkner novels and watching James Franco films.