ben mcginnis


the pain ain't in the needle,
it's a sensation in my skin.
'round you i feel that
ol' testament shit
god told me:
vengeance is virtue.

yo' thin lipped sentiment
barely reaches my ears.
the rain flooded river
inundating and
drowning in my ears.
i can't stand the look
of your silky, ragged hair.
i can't stand the look
of those lying, perfect eyes
anymore, anymore.

the trellises drippin' from
yo' head;
the saturation flyin' from
yo' face;
they make me sick to the point
of dyin' on vomit.

i choke on syllables.
i can't call you woman.
i can't call you, you
anymore, anymore.

prove me wrong,
when yo' stuck in my head.
prove me wrong,
when i'm tied to yo' bed.
i just don't fucking love you
anymore, anymore, anymore.