where i'm from  

johnny myers




If I said I was from "right outside Philly", around the corner from the Main Line, where the schools are great and the crime rates are low, do you think you would know where I was from?

Where I'm from, the smell of fresh cut grass floats on the air like a dandelion blown in the wind. People spend copious amounts of time doing yardwork; the flowers line the streets with colors resembling a rainbow. With all the of the care and detail they put into their landscape, you would think they were Michelangelo painting the Sistine chapel.

Where I'm from, parents worry about providing for their kids. Dad works his tired fingers to the bone as the hot sun beats upon his face. Mom scours through the coupon books like a starving vulture preying on a dead carcass, as she says to her son, "Money adds up." (Her father always told her this when she was a girl.)

Where I'm from, Thanksgiving occurs every week. Families tell each other everything will work out as they are huddled around the Sunday dinner table. Little do they know, their son shoots up heroin in the school bathroom. Nobody would guess because he's an honor roll student and such a "good" kid.

Where I'm from, drugs possess the unwitting. The needle gives a feeling of serenity to the depressed scholar-athlete. The numbness murders the once revered star. Passersby call him a scumbag and tell him he had so much potential.

Where I'm from, sirens blare as the EMTs rush my friend out of his house for overdosing on painkillers. I fly to the hospital at the speed of light. The doctor says, "We'll send him to Florida for rehab," but they tried that twice, and it hasn't worked yet.

Where I'm from, my grandparents tell me things were different when they were kids. Grandpa tells stories of "the good old days", when gas was cheap, a hamburger was twenty-five cents, and people were respectful. He tells me the world is going to shit.

Where I'm from, it's soft like the feeling of my mother running her fingers through my hair as she consoles me. Where I'm from, it's prideful, like my Poppop's smile as he watches his grandchildren graduate from high school.

Johnny Myers is a sophomore Writing major and Theatre minor. He is usually found singing his little heart out on Cabrini's stage or in the shower (more often than not, it's the shower.)