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yorkenia gomez



"Mi hija, fight for your dreams."

Those were the words of a desperate mother who was willing to give up everything for her daughter. This act was not as easy as it seemed, since giving me my best chance meant she had to lose hers.

Where I'm from, when you get old, education is not an option because must work seven days a week to give your children a shot. If you're married, the man is expected to be the head of the house, while the woman is expected to cook, clean, and take care of the kids.

Where I am from, religion is everything. Don't mess with a true believer because they can make your life hard; however, this is almost never a problem because respect is expected even if it not returned. Where I am from, "mangu" (Mashed plantains) represents our nationality. It means that no matter where you are, you take that pride with you because home cooked meals are as important as dancing "Tipico" all night.

Where I'm from, you can't find a Dominican who does not love or appreciate their country. Where I am from, kids walk through the streets naked, enjoy the breeze, play around, and take care of different types of animals. Where I am from, you can protest and nobody hears your voice. The government only helps when they want your vote.

Where I'm from, successful people are people with fake intentions just trying to gain power at any cost. If people only knew how hard we try to become humble and how hard we work for what we want, then there might be less discrimination and fewer assumptions about who we truly are.

Where I am from, when you're sick your mother makes you a drink called Mamajuana, you could assume that's because going to the doctor is expensive, but we are independent.

Where I'm from, we always find unique ways to solve things. Where I'm from, when there's a person in need, you help them because that's how Dominicans are.

Yorkenia Gomez in an International Business Major with a Minor in Marketing. She prides herself on her kind personality and witty sense of humor. Reading and meditating are some of her favorite ways to pass time.