lily weber


Forgiveness is like honey,
I must learn to be like honey
I do not mean I must be sweet
It is not my responsibility to heal
I do not have to love ginger.
But do not let it harden me.


As honey runs off a wooden dipper
So I must let my anger
It is okay to hold on for just a short time
But do not let the grudge cling
Crystalized honey is harder to remove
Do not let it harden me

We will always have memory,
When honey is wiped off
It leaves its stick behind,
I may always have that residue,
I do not have to forget
Just do not let it harden me.

Lily Weber is a sophomore at Cabrini University. She is a Writing and Graphic Design double major. She enjoys conversations about feminism, politics, and our ultimate mortality as a species. She's also a lot of fun at parties.