caitlyn huebner


Words of black and red
printed on my clothes
Telling the whole world
of my highs and lows

At the age of four
my label appeared
"Do not believe me"
Everyone then feared

my main creation,
was censored out of
fear and frustration

At the age of eight
a new label came
"No attention span"
I was filled with shame

As hard as I tried
daydreams still occurred
My reality
quickly became blurred

When I turned twelve
bullying got worse
"Will try to fit in"
My life like a curse

My friends for years
told lies and falsehoods
Making me someone
who is damaged goods

At sixteen years old
life spiraled downhill
The label turned harsh
"I’m mentally ill"

I became a ghost,
a fly on the wall,
a face in the hall,
invisible to all

By twenty years old
I broke from my shell
Confine me no more
or I’ll raise you hell

I am who I am
there’s no changing that
"Dreaming too big"
But I won’t fall flat

These labels we’re given,
the weight of my soul,
Help make who I am
But don’t make me whole

Caitlyn Huebner in a junior Communication major and Creative Writing minor. She loves Halloween and all things horror related; she aspires to be the next Stephen King/Edgar Allen Poe mix.