Ode to Coding

lindsey piller


The screen,
filled with the nonsensical
characters neighboring letters.

deadline hours away,
coding, once again.
Fucking gibberish
cascades down the document
<section id="coding-sucks">
•••••<div class="coding-sucks-really-hard">
•••••<ul class="screw-this">

•••••<li><img src="https://how-to-code.com/788827/image-a.jpg"
•••••alt="Am I doing this right?"></li>
•••••<li><img src=https://i-don
•••••alt="No seriously, did I mess this up?"></li>
•••••<li><img src="https://coding-for-dummies-101.com/790261/image-c.jpg"
•••••alt="Please god help me.<li>
nothing makes sense.
What happened,
to the language of love?
Is it only reserved for poetry,
which comes second on the list
of shitty things to do,
right after you
dearest code.
<section id="things-that-suck-less-than-coding">
••<div class="coding-is-the-worst">
••••<div class="poetry-is-a-close-second">
••••••<h3>A definitive list of things that suck less than coding. </h3>
••••••••••<div class="this-is-the-beginning-of-the-list">
••••••••••••••••••<li>Benedict Cumberbatch saying "No shit Sherlock" to Robert
••••••••••Jr. in a Marvel movie. <li>
••••<li>Reading Shakespeare.<li>
••<li>Listening to your professor talk about Shakespeare like he was the
••••second coming of Christ.<li>
••<li>Only being able to watch DC movies on repeat for the rest of your
••<li>The 2016 presidential election.<li>
••<li>Someone unleashing a blue shell on you when you're first place in
••••Mario Kart.<li>
••<li>Watching Uncle Ben die multiple times in a 5 year span.<li>
••<li>Premature Pumpkin Spice Lattes.<li>
••<li>Waiting a whole year for the new season of Game of Thrones.<li>
••<li>Stepping on Legos.<li>
••<li>Dumbledore screaming, "HARRY DID YA PUT YA NAME IN THE
••••••••GOBLET OF FIYAH" when he was supposed to say it calmly.<li>
And finally,
my remarks,
to the coder.
Have fun coding this fucking ode
in the
<p>body paragraph.</p>

Lindsey Piller is a senior Graphic Design and English double major with a concentration in writing. She has a deep love for drawing, Teen Wolf, and all things superhero related.