erin seiler


Do you ever get
those letters anymore?
I don’t mean the ones
filled with payments
or debts
or sales offer ends..

I mean the true
heartfelt letters,
some smeared
with rose-colored wax
Indented with lead
Carefully crafted by hand
To conceive life into words
So beautifully captured
Melding thoughts onto paper
Infusing emotions
Imperfectly folded
With slanted creases
Across the border
Encaged in an envelope
Sealed with a lick
Sent in a revolving mayhem
Of words and conversation
Until one day,
the sound
of the clock’s
 grown numb

and I stop written letters
because life is more important

Stashed away in a box
Of memories and thoughts
They lie there silent
Until the day
I get old
seeing so many stories untold
and I ever so carefully open
the slanted creases 
and there behold
A memory unbroken

Erin Seiler is a junior majoring in Writing. She enjoys random facts, traveling to new places, and warm chocolate chip cookies.