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Vikings, on the History channel, has it all: war, blood, politics, love, history, heartbreak, foreign travels, gods, epic raids. Brothers will take on brothers. Husbands will plot against wives. Sons will rise up against fathers, and most importantly, the Vikings will strive to conquer the English.

A young farmer, Ragnar Lothbrok, is going to propose a daring scheme. He will risk everything, his family, his farm and even his marriage. He proposes to his Viking brethren that instead of raiding to the east as they always do, they raid to the west. When Ragnar proposes this he is laughed at by most, especially the Earl of Kattegat. However, there are close friends and relatives, so ultimately the Earl gives Ragnar permission to go through with his plan, with the assistance of a few daring souls who agree to accompany him on this audacious journey.

With the help of Ragnar’s ship-building friend, Floki, he is able to secure enough ships to carry the men to England. There they raid the kingdom of North Umbria, and the riches they return home with are immeasurable. This success and these riches take Ragnar from being a simple farmer to the new Earl of Kattegat. Future raids and wars with other Viking clans eventually see him to the throne as a King, but then things go a bit south. Ragnar’s wife, Lagertha, leaves him, taking their son with her. To make matters worse, his brother, Rollo, becomes jealous, and leads many attempts to take Ragnar’s life.

Now in its fourth season, the series' landscape is changing. Standby characters are beginning to die off, and the sons of Ragnar, now grown, are taking charge, amassing the largest army the Vikings have ever seen. They have declared war not just on England and France, but on the whole world.

Michael Hirst is the show’s executive producer. He is also known for the 2007 series The Tudors and the 1997 film Elizabeth. The star of the show is Travis Fimmel, who plays the role of Ragnar Lothbrok. His most recent work includes the lead in the movie Warcraft. Fimmel is accompanied by Katheryn Winnick, who plays the role of Ragnar’s first wife, Lagertha. Ragnar’s brother Rollo is played by the always entertaining Clive Standen. Gustaf Skarsgård plays Ragnar’s ship builder and undyingly loyal friend, Floki.

These actors take it to another level. The depth they show is incredible. Watch Fimmel take Ragnar from a dutiful farmer and father, to a king. A king that becomes consumed by wealth and consumed by the need to display his power through force. Watch Clive Standen turn Rollo into a vindictive, jealous brother who can’t help himself when it comes to destroying his own brother and taking, what he believes to be his rightful place.

The History Channel is Vikings' home, and the show itself is deeply rooted in actual historic events; most of the main characters are actual historical figures, adding a whole other element to the show. The ability the viewer has to finally see faces put to names that they may have already heard of adds so much more depth to the show.

Enjoy history? This is the show for it. Want to see epic medieval battles, and venomous ancient politics? Watch Vikings. View these people we call Vikings as they were meant to be viewed. Not through the narrow view of a history book’s blinders, but on the screen, with the events unfolding before your eyes. Watch the characters played out by actors who are descendants of the Vikings and care about portraying their ancestors in the best way possible.


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Steve Jordan is a junior English major with a concentration in Writing. He has, what some would consider, unhealthy obsessions with heavy metal and Star Wars.