ben mcginnis


white daze on,
white days
slowly dripping in,
blacktop cracks.
orange and yellow stream,
down on my shiny glasses.
when will
the green days
take away my winter's haze?
clad in black, with baggy jeans
cold air makes,
people colder.
breath of anger
hangs like smoke
drifting to the atmosphere.
i'm seeing treetops but,
not christmas treetops.
jacket folded over my arm;
no more gloves, no more hats.
the smell of young love drifts
on bright green days.
on the wind i can hear the
sound of bubblegum pop.
neon colors of the season
shoot up from the dirt,
and flies up my soles
right into my soul.
set red and ablaze
inside me it lays, suspended
forever today.